Friday, April 6, 2007

The Better Than Butt Five-Week One

BTB5-Week 1

1)UGK ft. Outkast-International Players Anthem
I know most people will already be up to this one, but hey, it's still good. Nevermind that Andre still isn't rapping well (yeah Three Stacks, I saw through that no drum shit). And I don't care if he starts talking about UFOs again, this is hardly a "return to form." What was nice though was to see Pimp C come hard on the song. Of course Bun and Big held it down, although Daddy Fat Sacks better step his game up for this solo release, but Pimp really kept it hot. Good for him.

2)Polyrhythm Addicts ft. Pharoahe Monch- Reachin'
I never peeped their '99 album, and the only member I heard of was DJ Spinna thanks to a few remixes (check his remix to Lyrics Born's "Changed My Mind"), but as Hip-Hop Principle #5 states: Put Pharoahe Monch on your song, and everyone will listen. Monch gives everyone their room to spit yet still remains a presence on the song. This is probably due to everyone in the group getting their mini-Monch on in their verses. Whatever though, I'll take that over...say...this.

3)Cam'Ron ft. Duke da God- Suga Dooga
I know, I know. It's Dipset. I'm not stupid. I'm not deaf. But this song just takes me back to a simpler time. Nostalgic for the early 2000s? Maybe. I can't front on that Li'l Fame beat, or most Li'l fame beats for that matter. Cam's always best over beats better suited for 80's sitcoms than rapping, and Fame provides the recipe. Duke's rhymes are also so retarded it merits being heard by everyone.

4)Sa-Ra Creative Partners ft. CNN & Lord Nez- Not On Our Level
Goddamn do I loves me some of that Sa-Ra, spaced-out, funky shit-especially when they sing on it too. Rapping...not so much. (Y'all remember "Thrilla"?) But when the mic handling is left to a more competent team, like Capone-n-Noreaga, well shit, you've got a hit without even trying.

5) Electric Light Orchestra- Shine a Little Love
Don't front. Shit's hot. Just listen to it and shut the hell up.

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