Tuesday, April 10, 2007

For Those Still Concerned With Canibus...

...I'm sure you've already seen this.
For those who wish to see what effete rappers will do to prove they've still got it (honest!), click on the link below.

Poet Laureate Infinity

A beat that you can mix at different intervals with five seperate 11-minute vocal tracks.
Along side of just recording a lot of really long raps though, if you switch out any one track with another it'll still keep the same rhyme going.
Gimicky Neato, right?

You be the judge.

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Elijah said...

Oh my lord, don't even get me started on Canibus. I could write so much about how he got all our hopes up around '98 and then squandered his potential so badly that it literally makes me angry just thinking about it.

Remember "Making a Name For Ourselves" with Common? Now compare to what he's done in the last eight or nine years. Grrrrr!!