Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Don't Drink Cristal No Mo', I Just Pour It On White Bitches' Heads

Do ya'll have any idea how hard it is to find a good picture of Weezy with his shirt on? Props.

Lil' Wayne - "We Takin' Over (remix)"

Lil' Wayne - "Get High Rule the World"
Da Drought 3 (bootleg), 2007

I'll save my "why free mixtapes are great (other than that I like free shit)" speech for another day. I'll also save the dissertation on how I went from Lil' Wayne's biggest hater to a major fan for when Tha Carter III drops this summer. (For awhile I wanted to just call him "the guy who stole Hollywood Divorce", but I don't think Petro would like that appelation.)

The point is, the much anticipated Da Drought 3 mixtape has been leaked. Personally I wasn't even aware that Droughts one and two existed, between my recent discovery of this and the Sqad Up mixtapes (can someone, probably Nazty Fresh, please enlighten me on the deal with Sqad Up?) I'm now realizing that the man's mixtape output isn't simply prolific... shit's ridiculous.

But Uncle Elijah? Is Da Drought 3 any good?

Well, young one, technically this is a bootleg: DJ Khaled insists that it's unofficial and that there's plenty of finalizing to do, etc, etc. But yes, yes it is very good. Now I certainly don't condone bootlegging (because that would be wrong, even when it's a free mixtape) and I do plan to up myself on the real thing when it hits... but that said, I've gotta say that said real thing being hosted by Baby and DJ Khaled, as opposed to the bootleg's straight run of tracks with no interludes, isn't the world's biggest draw.

Anyway, as of the bootleg version, Drought 3 does have some stuff we've already heard before--like Weezy and Juelz Santana's freestyle over "Black Republicans" (sans Juelz's second verse), the freestyle over Jay's "Show Me What You Got" (off of last year's most bumped by Elijah mixtape--if you do nothing else, listen to "Famous"), and the same verse from the Rap City freestyle that I posted recently, except this time it's over "Shoulder Lean". Also from the "we've heard it before" file is the "We Takin' Over" freestyle (oddly shown on the tracklisting as a remix) that I've posted up above. It's Wayne at his most ridiculously frantic, as well as the best showcase of his "who cares" attitude concerning "OMG HES GAY" rumors, which is by far the best way to deal with it. He says "damn right, I kiss my daddy" for fuck's sake.

Throughout the mixtape (and shit is two discs!) we get rhymes over "This Is Why I'm Hot", "Upgrade U", "Throw Some D's", and "Top Back" to name a few. Plus he absolutely kills "Walk It Out", but I don't have access to the file right now, so I can't put it up. What I am giving you is his take on Nas' classic "If I Ruled the World". It's always nice when someone uses an older track on their mixtape (a certain Jay-Z classic makes an appearance too). So IF I were the type to condone the downloading of music, I'd say get that shit.

Next big post, with music and info and such, I'm going to give you New York hip-hop. I don't know what it'll be, but I just realized that (excepting this, which didn't count) I haven't posted any east coast rap yet.

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