Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kickin' It Old Skool: Better Than Butt Five Week 2

Alright, so ya boy been's a little behind on things lately, I'll admit that. But no fear, the good Professor is back with another week's BTB5, and probably week three's tomorrow.
For a new, exciting twist, this week's list (and probably most if I'm clever enough to think of one) will be themed. Also new, links will just be provided for each song if you don't need the whole packaged set.

So because I can't let a good discussion die down, I bring you
The Better Than Butt Five: Week Two (Three 6 Mafia Produced Songs That Leave [Relatively] Unaltered Willie Hutch Samples Running Through Them Edition)

1. Three 6 Mafia-"Stay Fly (ft. Young Buck, 8ball & MJG)" ["Tell Me Why Our Love Has Turned Cold"]
Sampling Willie Hutch is not something new for the Triple 6, but doing so with relatively little chopping or screwing is. From what I can tell, it began with Project Pat's "Choose U." Even "Testin' My Gansta" was played around with a bit. Anyway, I'm sure y'all heard this before, but this is easily their biggest (read: most commercially successful) hit, and furthered their use of Willie Hutch samples. While I enjoy the remix, especially Trick Daddy's killer verse, the original gets props for making it "A Tennessee Thang," as DJ Paul would say.

2. Project Pat-"What Money Do" ["Brothers Gonna Work It Out"]
An interesting use of a Hutch sample, it's chopped up for the chorus and left alone for the verses. It's interesting to note how well the beat is built around such a laidback sample to create such a bouncier, more aggressive song. Points too for talking more obscure portions of this song. I'd talk about Pat, but it'd be nothing all.

3. Three 6 Mafia-"Poppin' My Collar" ["Theme from The Mack"]
The spiritual brother to "Choose U", or "International Players Anthem," if that's your thing, the song works in very much the same way. A swelling Hutch sample builds up to dizzying fanfare before Three 6 smack it with some drums and flip it all over again. Once again, I'd imagine everyone's heard this by now, but if not, peep it now.

4. Project Pat-"You Like" ["I'm Gonna Hold On"]
If you can get past the very bizarre and very blatant racism that pervades the song, then you're in for one of the finest cuts from Crook by da Book: The Feds Story. The production is, if you've heard the three above this one, really no surprise at this point:sample, drums, little bass kick, and the rapper. However, Project Pat bounces around the track in a way he normally doesn't do: adeptly. Don't get me wrong, I love Pat as much as the next man, but you'll hear the difference on this one, trust me.

5. Three 6 Mafia-"Don't Cha Get Mad (ft. Li'l Flip)" ["Sunshine Lady"]
Play "You Like" in reverse, and you've pretty much got this. Breezy little song, with not too much to say that hasn't been said about the other songs. Except for the fact it's kinda strange to hear Three 6 Mafia do a real laidback song like this.

Bonus Track: Daz-"Boyz in da Hood (ft. Nate Dogg)" ["Brothers Gonna Work It Out"]
For being late with it, I bring you this bonus track. Daz spitting his Left Coastisms, Nate on a nice double time hook, and that sweet flute sample flipped to perfection. Highly recommended.


Elijah said...

Always great to have the OG tracks.

Damn, between this and the two most recent posts here I'm gonna have alot of "spot the sample" to play.

Elijah said...

(Unfortunately, tho, I am the one motherfucker without iTunes, so those m4a's are useless to me. Damnation.)