Monday, April 9, 2007

Last Post About "I Choose You"

Cormega - "Rap's a Hustle"
The Realness, 2001

Mathematics - "Pimpology 101"
Love Hell Or Right, 2003

Ok, I know that I've already gone on way too long about this, but I got a little obsessed and I just had to hear every use of this song. So, for your comparative pleasure, here are the other two, rather early, uses that I know of Willie Hutch's "I Choose You". And honestly, I ain't really feeling either one too much. It's funny how, as "International Players Anthem" has taken hold, I've been seeing alot of talk in comment sections about how either Cormega or Mathematics was the one to really kill this track. Um, really now?

I mean I like both of these guys, but I don't think it's either of their best work. Plus I think both tracks are good examples of taking a great loop and not leaving it alone (or fucking with it well, like Hi-Tek). Cormega's version turns it into chipmunk soul, and Mathematics' version has those absolutely jarring drums that are just uncomfortable.

I know alot of east coast heads these days are real quick to jump to the defense of any New York artist and declare that they're the best at whatever they're doing, but even the lyrics of these versions really do nothing for me. (And that's where New York's supposed to shine, right?) No disrespect to 'Mega or Mathematics, because they've both done shit I felt, but I'm definitely handing this one to the south.

(My next post will have neither the word "Willie" nor the word "Hutch" in it. Hopefully not even the word "choose", but I can't guarantee that.)

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