Sunday, April 8, 2007


Termanology - "I Did It" (produced by Hi-Tek)

Ok, one last addition to the whole Willie Hutch discussion. So ARE we gonna have a month or so where this song is used by everyone? 'Cause I'd still be digging that. Gotta say tho, much as I'm often feeling Hi-Tek, (altho I haven't heard Hi-Teknology 2, so maybe I'm not feeling him anymore) this song proves that the best course of action is to just loop the song and leave it alone. Sure it's chopped real well, but wouldn't you rather just hear it straight up?

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Prof. Nazty Fresh said...

I meant to post that song up. I heard it a few minutes after reading your first piece about Willie Hutch.
I can appreciate what Tek does with that beat. If he ain't just gonna leave it alone, then at least he serves it right.
And I can get right with some Term every now and again.