Friday, April 13, 2007

New Project: Falls From Grace

Ok, so here's how it's gonna go. The music business is a notoriously fickle one, and if that holds true for the industry as a whole, it goes double (or perhaps triple) for hip hop. An artist can be utterly inescapable one moment and the next completely forgotten, callously tossed aside in favor of whatever the new flavor of the month is. I will be dedicating my next several updates to looking back at the catalogues of artists who we may have never thought would find themselves victims to this fate, but lately seem to have fallen hard. The first, and it truly pains me to do this, is Outkast. How is it, that just a few years ago these guys sold 10 million copies of their last album, scoring several inescapable radio hits and becoming not only rap icons, but people who seemed to lord over music in general. They didn't seem poised to take over the world, they had already done it. Now we hit 2006, and dual flop of a movie and an uneven album (Idlewild) sees Andre 3000 trying to hack it as a rapper again and failing, and Big Boi suddenly seems to have been sapped of all energy, which is doubly a shame since he practically carried the duo in recent years. All they do now is slum around on guest verses of lesser rappers (UGK excepted) and generally phoning it in every time. The worst of all this is that nobody cares...nobody bought Idlewild, they have all moved on and left our favorite ATLiens by the wayside. That is why, to remember better days for the group and hope for the future, my next post(s) will chronicle the fine catalogue of these two artists, and maybe I'll be able to amend this in the future with a note saying how they are on top again...but somehow I doubt it.


Elijah said...

If I may respectfully disagree here, I personally feel that Andre's actually been killing it in his recent return to rapping. (His little diatribe about white tees on the "Walk It Out" remix excepted--who's he to get on someone for dressing funny?)

He may not be back up to his Aquemini standards (my personal favorite 'Kast record), but I think he could be on his way. I do feel what you're saying tho, and on the whole I'd say they've both got a while before they redeem themselves for Idlewild.

Kwis said...

dre has been on a killing spree lately, rejoice.

Michelle said...

You write very well.