Saturday, April 14, 2007

Odds & Ends, Plots & Plans, Pots & Pans, Stocks & Grands

So here's a little wrap-up of a few things I want to share:

T.I. - "Big Shit Poppin"
T.I. Vs. T.I.P., 2007
(Edit: I'm afraid the powers that be have removed the above T.I. song from my divshare
account. I'm all for fighting the man, but I pick my battles, and a sneak peak off an album I'll probably buy anyway isn't worth it.)

(Found at The Smoking Section.) Sure there's been a snippet of our first glimpse at T.I.'s next record floating around, but here's the whole song. It's produced by Mannie Fresh, and is pretty much what I'd expect from both parties involved (in a good way). I have to say I'm not sure how excited I am about T.I. Vs. T.I.P., I mean on the one hand it's T.I., and King was a great record. On the other hand, in interviews he's making it sound like there's way too many guest stars, and I'm scared he'll get bogged down too much in the whole "concept" thing. But "Big Shit Poppin'" sounds like a basic T.I. song, so that's good. (Then again, I remember getting all hopeful when "Mighty O" sounded like a basic OutKast song.)

Rap City Freestyles (from OnSmash of course)

Bun B

Sometimes I feel like this site is dangerously teetering towards UGK fan-site, but who can blame us? Underground Kingz, May 8th! (Ok, probably not, but sometime this year, I hope... damn, I can't wait.)

Li' Wayne

Some other time I shall elaborate upon my incredibly fast transition from Wayne hater to Wayne stan. For now I'll just say that alot of people are still fronting on him, and I guess I can sort of see why... but I dunno, swagger, delivery, wordplay, etc. go a long way for me.

The Wake-Up Show

This is apparently from the L.A. days, but The Wake-Up Show (which I know as a Bay thing) was like the west coast Stretch & Bobbito show. Here's a song they did that, I assume, was really just a bunch of rappers who were together on the show one day. Lauryn Hill, Nas, Pharoahe Monch, Prince Po, Ras Kass, Shyheim, Saafir... damn. It'd be great if this was actually released as a track on something, but I assume that they'd have to pay too much to Nas and L-Boogie for it to be worth it. I'm guessing this is from '97, or so, judging by the fact that Lauryn isn't a crazy recluse yet, but she isn't rapping either. Anyway, if anyone knows who the rappers are whose verses sandwich Shyheim's I'm very curious to know. The youtube page says Saul Williams is on it, but I sure as hell don't hear him.

One last thought: Jim Jones and Mike Jones should do a collaborative album. Now I know it sounds silly, but that's why it's perfect, because neither of them shy away from goofy shit. Now think about it, they both have real simplistic rhyme styles, but the gruff voice and the nasal voice would contrast perfectly. Just imagine: they could call it Keeping Up With the Joneses and the cover would show them all flossed out in front of a huge mansion, on a beautiful lawn with a white picket fence, and some hot chick would be pushing a lawnmower behind them.

EDIT: Someone chopped and screwed that Wayne freestyle (the video too) and I though it was worth adding here.

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