Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Odds and Ends

Some things that make me happy:

Nine Inch Dix Album this summer! Wait...who? Snoop Dogg's R&B supergroup whose sole purpose is to sing about the nastiest, raunchiest, gutter sex you can a horribly catchy manner. Their album, Cumming Soon, is essentially going to be a whole album of "I'd Rather Fuck With U"s. And if that isn't the greatest thing I ever heard, then I don't know what the fuck is. If you're not up on them, here's two cuts, each taken from Snoop's last two albums.

My boy Nicholas and his blog. If you'd like this site with less hood more suburb, and with a snarky veneer of intelletualism, then he's right up your alley. He also studies film. It's a good time.

This silly little number by Freeway and Sleepy Brown.


Elijah said...

I'm not entirely sure that the Nine Inch Dix novelty will successfully fill an album without tiring itself out... but here's hoping.

I kinda love it whenever Snoop sings, so long as he never goes all Andre and stops rapping.

Prof. Nazty Fresh said...

If nothing else, the group's got enough members with production talent (Soopafly, Jelly Roll,even Snoop himself these days) that the album should sound fresh. Hell, Prince Paul jumped in on "Which One Of U" so who knows.

Now the thing that really excites me is the possibility of old Nine Inch Dix tracks released on the album, because apparently Dr. Dre was in the group when it first formed. And if one thing is going to make me piss my pants, it's gonna be hearing Dr. Dre sing.