Saturday, April 7, 2007

This marks the end of the bullshit

I figured for my first post on this here blog I'd need some kind of statement of purpose. While our title pretty much speaks for itself, I figure some details are in order for my end, and believe it or not it's this simple:

Too many people with internet connections these days are fucking morons.

You need examples? If you do you've never been on a message board, or worse, read user comments like the kind that websites like hiphopdx tend to receive. These are but laymen however, they don't claim any sort of true authority, that's why they are just anonymous posters on larger websites, they don't have any reason for people to listen to them...and most people who remember that you don't need to type everything with your caps lock on will know better than to listen to it. However, there are things on this world wide web of ours that are far more insidious. These things would be professional websites that are, for some reason, still run by fucking morons, only now they are in a position of power, so people who don't know any better might actually buy into the information on it and waste their time and money or worse, they might actually delude themselves into having the same opinions as said morons. What can we do about this?

Well, I cannot handle the task of curing the web of idiocy, but I will offer my own, most likely better, opinions on all things music while here. If you want to look at those perpetrators I posted about, look no farther than (who are actually sometimes on point, depending on who's writing) and (usually NOT on point, to put it politely, but since I don't give a crap about being polite, are a bunch of idiots). Now everyone has their opinion, and music is especially subjective...but there is a certain time when bullshit is bullshit, and giving fucking MIMS anything approaching a decent score on your rating system (seriously Mr. Juon, I don't care if he's your fucking father, there is generous and there is retarded) means you get to see me post something rambling and overlong like this, so get used to it. But for those times when I don't go on a rant, I'll be reviewing some music that I think you really ought to at least give your time, and then make up your own mind about it.

PS: If anyone involved with the aformentioned parties has a problem with the words here, they can take a long, hard, satisfying suck on my dick. For everyone else, nice to meet you all and enjoy the reading.


Elijah said...

That's the statement of purpose? I though it was "bicker about rap music until everyone's tired of it" like when we're all drunk.

Hmmm, but I'm liking this. Preach on.

Prof. Nazty Fresh said...

I wasn't aware that bloggers did anything but bicker over rap.
Well...unless you're Perez Hilton.

But anyway, as a perfect example to the first point you made, I was at this one blog today, where the guy who made it actually had to put up a note asking those who comment to not attack each other.
And what, you ask, was being so hotly contested?
Whether or not Paul Wall could rap.

My personal favorite comment was:
"ahaha i did the first post what are you gonna do about cry like a homo cuz i dont like paul wall hes white and hes a fucking homo you should get him to suck your dick u like that dont you faggot"

Petro said...

oh yeah, I didn't really intend to speak for all of us, you guys may do what you like. This was more for what I was gonna do here.

and yeah...that comment example is exactly what I was talking about.