Tuesday, April 10, 2007

To Make Rap Nerds Salivate...

I'm not really sure how familiar our (three) readers are with rap history, so for those who don't know who Stretch Armstrong is, here's a very basic primer. The point is that now he has a blog that's mostly recordings of old rap radio shows--in other words, it's the kind of thing that makes me curl up into a little ball of comatose happiness.

On the first day of our own most illustrious blog Nazty Fresh bemoaned the recent state of Rev. Run, and so one thing on Stretch's blog especially caught my interest: Run (without the Rev.) on Mister Magic's Rap Attack in 1987, doing a freestyle over the instrumental to "My Melody". Let me repeat that. Run in 1987 freestyling over "My Melody".

Holy shit. One doesn't come across such obscure 80's Run-DMC stuff very often, I mean even their early version of what became the Beastie Boys' "Slow and Low" has become pretty ubiquitous in blogworld by now. But this... man, this is the perfect reminder of Run at the height of his skill.

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