Monday, May 7, 2007

Butter Than Butt Five Week 4!

Since, I've had quite a few songs that I've wanted to comment on/share, it really seems only right that I turn it into what is an already horribly delayed week 4 list. So here we go:

Better Than Butt Five Week 4: Songs I Would've Made Seperate Posts on Anyway Edition

1) 50 Cent-"Amusement Park"
So, 50 makes it big with "In Da Club." Not surprisingly, his follow-up album's first single, "Disco Inferno," is laughably bad like the Billy Baldwin this song was. However, he strikes big again with "Candy Shop," and here we are an album later with a song that lets us remember just how magical a year in rap 2005. However, I won't call this rehash, as, somehow, this song is both better and worse than "Candy Shop." Of all my "Candy Shop" related gripes, the largest one was that the song, save for the first two seconds, didn't remind me of a candy shop at all. At least this single manages to conjure up images of Curtis riding the merry-go-round (I'd assume some bullish, dull-witted animal like the Tony Yayo) while dropping gems like "I smile when I speak, but I'm being sincere/ And your pass is valid all summer my dear." I can already tell this is going to be the best summer of my life.

2) R. Kelly-"Rise Up"
Good move, Robert. Let's face facts: playing "I Believe I Can Fly" at graduations is about as cliched as that Vitamin C song these days, so why not update it and make it a little more topical? Corny as it may be, "Rise Up" is probably the best thing I've heard from the hip-hop community in response to the Virgina Tech incident...which means it beats out that Jin freestyle. Now, don't get me wrong, Nazty Fresh loves him some of that real raunchy Kels, but it's refreshing to be able to listen to an R. Kelly song every once and a while that I know I could enjoy with my moms.

3) R. Prophet-"Run Tell the DJ"
A little while back, Eli and myself got drunk and did what we do drunkenly best-talk about rap. Now, somewhere along the way, we got on the subject of this obscure joint, and I promised a posting of it. Recorded sometime after Wooden Leather, I believe this track was supposed to be the first single off the solo R. Prophet album. Rewind: For those of you not sure, R. Prophet was that funny sounding MC from Nappy Roots. You know, the one not actually from Mississippi. I think he's from...Oakland, maybe? I don't know, one of those places without much of a rap scene. Anyway, this track really should've been fire. With Mannie Fresh on the boards and Prophet doing a much nimbler Juvenile, I really should not have been disappointed like this. Alas.

4) Common-"The People ft. Dwele"
A few weeks back Kanye mentioned how his production style for Finding Forever, an album dedicated to Dilla, was going to actually emulate, or the very least try, the chopped up soul style he was best known for. Well, if this track is anything like the rest of the album, my hat's off to 'Ye for doing a pretty damn good job. The drums, while not as sloppy, smack like a Dilla track, as does the frantic yet reliably repetitive horn and soul singing. Not to mention that beat's good too. Now as long as Common doesn't rhyme like he's on an album produced by Dilla, than we'll be good.

5)DJ Jazzy Jeff-"She Was So Fly ft. Kardinal Offishall"
Now here are two brothers that really don't get the shine they deserve. I could've picked any track off The Return of the Magnificent, but I'm really feeling this one at the moment. Listen and love.

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Elijah said...

Damn, I thought one real upside to Kelly pissing on a kid on video was that he'd lost the audience for these songs and would stop making them.

Tangent: Does Jin only rap about "issues" now? Not that "less Jin" is something I'mma complain about.

Not as disappointed as you with the Prophet track, it's a fun one, at least. And that's not hometown pride (after all, fool's in Kentucky now).