Tuesday, May 1, 2007

To Help Ya'll Deck the Halls

OutKast - "Socks & Drawers"

So, as an addendum to Petro's in-depth look at Southernplayalistic... I thought I'd give ya'll a wonderful little present. It may not be quite the season for such a gift, but oh well.

Who knew that the version of "Player's Ball" on the album wasn't actually the OG? Until a few months ago I sure as hell didn't. Turns out it was originally "Socks & Drawers", which was made for a 1993 LaFace Records Christmas compilation of some sort.

It's kinda crazy: the sleigh-bells at the beginning make sense now, as do a few of Andre's lyrics from the first verse that got strangely cut off on the "Player's Ball" version. Hearing Sleepy Brown croon "On Christmas Daaaaaaaay" is kinda great.

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