Monday, June 4, 2007

Aaaaaand... Revisited

Ok, so I know everyone's already posted this, but with all the goddamn coverage we gave to this song in our first fledgling weeks I figured I really had to throw this one up here.

That, and it's a genius fucking video. The fact that it starts with a wedding, not so surprising... but that it continues with that motif the whole way through is some kind of wonderful. I believe Petro, who was watching over my shoulder, was the one to remark "Pimp C probably would tell a story like that at a wedding reception." Of course, they coulda just been rushed and lazy; note that everyone has only one outfit. Amongst all the great cameos, a newly-beardless David Banner going crazy in Bun B's passenger seat is definitely a real fuckin' highlight.

Oh, and Andre represents for all the Black Scots out there--word to Samuel L. Jackson and Nazty Fresh!


Petro said...

Man, this song was a grower too. I still remember bemoaning Outkast not stealing this song (which I still feel they could have done a few years ago), but countless listens to this song in various degrees of sobriety and lack therof have revealed to me how well all the pieces of the song fit together, with andre and big boi being parts of a whole rather than take over the song, and it has become one of my favorites.

Prof. Nazty Fresh said...

In respects to the video, I can forgive Andre's verse now. I'll still say there's something different that could have been done on the actual album cut.

But whatever. He rocks the kilt. And that chick is hot.

Straight Checkin Em said...

i have listened to it sober and still hate outkast on this song.