Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Beware... Whistle Week Begins!

It's theme-week time here at Better Than But Sex because... well, we decided.

So here's the deal. Your boy Elijah is currently between apartments, and so for the next week or so I've in fact been living with Petro and Nazty Fresh, in what may have now become the Better Than Butt Sex house. (Ummmm, no... homo?) Last night we were doing what we often do; which is talk incessantly about rap music while flipping through Music Choice channels in the background to see what random fucking songs that shit decides to bless us with. Fresh decided to check the Old School channel.

We were greeted by Whistle's "Just Buggin'". Now maybe we're just new jacks, but lord knows none of us had heard of motherfuckin' Whistle (certainly didn't seem notable enough to have a "best of" album, which is what the song was credited to) and the track itself was a frightening barrage to the senses, constructed by one of the strangest riffs ever put down. Here is said song, and the video (which we mercifully didn't discover until later, otherwise our brains would have melted).

Dayum. And here I thought UMC's "Blue Cheese" won the award for Strangest Video In Retrospect. Personally I found "Just Buggin'" oddly compelling in its utter strangeness, but Nazty Fresh simply couldn't take the damn thing after too long.

Anyway, Petro did some research, but almost all he could discover about Whistle was that, apparently, their later albums were on some smoothed out R&B shit, which we simply could not reconcile with the--ahem--sound of "Just Buggin'". So eventually the three of us decided to head on over to Albumbase our local record shop and each, er, cop one of Whistle's three (count 'em, three) records. I think I lucked out by laying claim to the first, and probably most overall hip-hop, album of the three. It also has an eight minute opus titled "Barbera Punch Em In the Mouth" that I just can't wait to get to.

Despite much trepidation, reviews are coming soon. And Whistle Week rolls on...

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nerditry said...

One dude looks just like Tommy Davidson and with as much talent.