Friday, June 8, 2007

You Haven't Experienced Real Player-Hatin'!

Sorry 'bout that big build-up to Whistle Week and then nothing... personal shit (like laziness and the uniform awfulness of Whistle's records) has delayed the supposed reviews slightly. But they will happen, rest assured.

Anyway, here's a strange nostalgia trip for ya'll. A series of corny-ass Sprite ads, clearly from the late 90's due to everyone wearing goggles on their foreheads, featuring a pretty strange fucking lineup of rappers as Voltron. I kinda don't wanna tell you who's in this, because it'll be better as a surprise. Unless, like me, you actually remember these goofy things.

1 comment:

Bobby said...

Corny? I'd take this over most of the actual programming on TV...