Sunday, July 22, 2007

Beef, What A Relief

You know what you need to learn?
Old School artists don't always burn.
You're just another rapper who's had his turn.
Oh, it's on now... or something.

Personally, I generally feel that rap blog beef is about as unworthy of my time as anything. I mean, online arguments are already just about the height of dorkdom, and all that sets an argument on a couple of rap music blogs apart from a bitter disagreement over which Final Fantasy is the best, or whether Superman or Goku would win in a fight, is that rap bloggers feel a need for a veneer of street toughness that usually isn't there. After all, you're still bitching someone out over the internet.

On the other hand I, like most people, don't really like to let someone talk shit without giving some kind of a response. I know that Nazty Fresh is probably gonna jump all the fuck over this shit, but I'm gonna put in my two cents first.

So, apparently going against the grain and being willing to appreciate a newer artist is "ignorance," ya'll. News to me.

Now, I don't necessarily agree with everything that Nazty Fresh says, in fact, I've been a major fan of KRS-One's for quite some time now. Chances are good that I've listened to Edutainment, Sex & Violence, I Got Next, and other lesser Kris albums more times than most of the people who still defend the man's crazy actions today. But shit, man, I even bought Spiritual Minded, and listened to it, (more than once!!) and yet I still haven't quite gotten around to listening to Hip-Hop Lives yet, even though I'm sure that it's a better record. I think this says enough about what KRS has done to his own image of late to prove that he ain't infallible.

While we're on the subject, have any of these angry men actually listened to a T-Pain record? And anyone who says "I don't need to hear it to know it's shit" is clearly ignorant--in fact, I think that's the definition. I mean, come on ya'll, even Phonte likes T-Pain! (Do... do ya'll still like Little Brother? I know I do, but I always lose track of what the angry purist crowd is into.) Sure, T-Pain's funny as shit, but is that a bad thing? Man clearly knows he's a goofy motherfucker, whereas KRS-One takes himself too damn seriously.

Not that a comparison between the two of them is really something that merits too much discussion anyway. Apples and oranges. I'm pretty damn sure that Nazty Fresh was making a joke about how disparate they are; not something worth getting oneself into such a little bitchfit over.

But I'm already giving this shit way too much attention. I'm one of those few idiots who thinks that the internet can be home to actual conversations, and people discussing their differing opinions. I'm a dreamer. So now I'm gonna just step away from it, and it's whatever--the Fresh One can take it from here. Besides, if I really wanted to be an asshole, er... Checkin, I would repost your comment with the grammar and punctuation fixed for greater impact. But I'll be nice.


pipe camp said...

you have to love these bloggers that whenever they read a differing opinion from them own, ignorant lactate spews from their nipples.

on the not so middle school side of things: when is btbs going to give me the low down on Maths + English, ive been waiting


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