Thursday, July 12, 2007

Whatsamatta me? Whatsamatta You?

Rap elitists, hip-hop purists, old men and people with opinions can suck a dick at this one.

Real Talk for the Summer 2007

1. T-Pain raps better on this one track than KRS-One did for most of his career Hip Hop Lives.

T-Pain-"Mr. Downtown"

Maybe it's because I'd take a good-old fashioned sex rap over some political nonsense any day, or maybe it's because T-Pain is the best Singer/Rapper/Songwriter/Producer/Entertainer this side of Prince.

2. Since that UGK album's never coming out, Curtis is still poised to be the hottest thing this summer.
Think about it. You may be afraid, but you know it's true.

3. In a summer ravaged by Hurricane Chris, why haven't enough people been talking about really fucking good Southern songs like this?

Juvenile feat. Mannie Fresh-"Who Can I Run To"

(Ex) Cash Money is running this rap shit.

4. The only track where T.I. sounded remotely non-comatose on T.I. vs. T.I.P. was that one with Nelly.
You know, that one with the wannabe Neptunes production.

5. Rappers are saving their best shit for R&B (gasp!) songs these days.

Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne, Big Boi & Chamillionaire-"Get It Shawty (Remix)"

Other examples include the remixes (take your pick) to "Last Night," Ludacris's and Huey's guest spots on Double Up and

6. If it wasn't for Slick Rick, "Hip Hop Police" would've been pretty shitty.
While we're on the subject, "Ridin'" wasn't even that great of a Chamillionaire song. Gotta love Krayzie though.

7. These days, I'm beginning to think Scott Storch can do a better Dr. Dre than Dr. Dre can.

Papoose feat. Snoop Dogg-"Bang Out" (Prod. Scott Storch)

Where you at, Dre? The answer better be 'working my ass off on making Detox the most mind blowing shit ever.'

8. Kanye West is slowly turning to shit. "Can't Tell Me Nothing?" Shit. "Stronger?" Shit. The "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and "Alter Ego" Mixtapes? Shit. His guest verse on T-Pain's "Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')" Remix featuring UGK? Shit.

The most frightening thing about this cover is how much Kanye looks like another notoriously shitty-rapper-slash-pretty-good-producer, Timbaland. And not like I need to tell you- but Shock Value? Shit.

9. Crime Mob needs to get some respect.

Crime Mob-"Circles"

Brandon Soderberg's post on Crime Mob's "Circles" was on-fucking-point. Good work, bro.

10. Professor Nazty Fresh is the only nigga keeping the lights on with this blog.
Y'all there?


Hambone said...

this is the begining of hip hop's civil war. The lines have been drawn and sides will be chosen

brandon said...

thanks for the link! I agree Kanye is turning to shit and T-Pain is better the KRS-One (or something)-

pipe camp said...

let me be the first one to say:

ooooo snap


T.R.E.Y. said...

you're trippin' 'bout T.I., 'Ye and Shock Value, but it's cheel.

Straight Checkin Em said...

you went from having a great blog to me spitting on your blog in point 5 seconds. i have just removed you from my daily visits based on the fact that you were ignorant enough to say that T-Pin brought to better than kris? You are a fool. this post is straight ignorant. kanye was the only thing you made sense about. good luck with your blog ignorant ass....